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I.H. Siddique is rightly regarded as the father of modern Bhatkal. At a time when a large cross-section of the society in Bhatkal was wallowing in social evils it was left to this dynamic person to open their eyes and put them in right perspective.

Born in a respectable family at Bhatkal in 1896, Ismail Hasan Siddique has his education at Kumta, Karwar & finally at Bombay were he graduated from St. Xavier's College in 1919. At this juncture a few elites of Bhatkal, under the leadership of F.A. Hasan, were planning to start an educational institution at Bhatkal. When it came to selecting a person lead them in their endeavour they could not settle for anyone but the best. So their choice naturally fell on Siddique. At time when very lucrative jobs awaited him, Siddique agreed to serve his community as Headmaster for a paltry salary of Rs. 45/= per month. Nor is this all. He spent his salary for the welfare of the Anjuman, the organisation under which he was serving. His integrity and selfless nature enabled him to hold important positions. At one time he becomes the secretary of the Anjuman. It is no wonder that his sincerity and pleasing manner earned for him as wide circle of friends and admirers who were instrumental in electing him as the 1st president of Bhatkal Municipality. He served in this capacity for twenty years (1922-1930 & 1931-1943) and then he become the member of the Bombay Legislative Assembly. It did not take long for Charles Bristo, the Collector of Karwar, to recognise the great qualities inherent in Siddique and to cultivate his acquaintance.

When the collector paid a visit to Bhatkal, Siddique drew his pointed attention to the over-crowded slums of Bhatkal. He submitted a memorandum to the collector requesting for free allotment of land to these hapless weaker sections of society.

His perseverance paid. The collector allotted 60 acres of land at a nominal price of Rs. 2/= per gunta. This area has now come to be called Navayath Colony and is a memorial to his farsightedness.

Although many an opportunity presented itself before him to make a fast buck he never grabbed it. Bhatkal in general and the Navayath community in particular owe hem a great deal.

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